Ella & Me Product Review By Jasmine Hemsley January 17, 2019 12:31

New Year... Important New Resolution! January 12, 2019 18:35

We've added a couple of adorable new styles to the collections this week but before we brief you a more about these, we wanted to tell you about our New Year's Resolution.

We're sure you're well informed about the detrimental & damaging impact to our environment that plastics are having and like many others, this is something we feel particularly passionate about.

So we've made a pledge to ourselves to eliminate the use of plastics in all of our packaging materials over the course of this year and our first step along this path is the introduction of our new Bamboo Classic Knicker 3 Pack, pictured below.
The three garments are presented in a recycled plain cardboard postal box, wrapped in recycled tissue paper and due to it's dimensions, can fit straight through your letter box, so no more hunting for packages left by the postie or having to go to the Post Office to claim your undelivered order.

We're committed to phasing this in across all of our ranges throughout this year and of course continuing to study everything we do even with our component suppliers to keep the use of plastics & waste to an absolute minimum.

We'd also really love to hear from you at about these changes and always welcome any additional suggestions you may also have.
We hope you love the new Bamboo Classic Knicker 3 Pack and it's reduced price of just £35, as opposed to £45, if you were to buy the pieces individually.

And last but most certainly not least, just take a look at the striking new Cobalt & Fuchsia signature lace knicker & cami top, without doubt one of the most alluring colour combinations we've ever released and guaranteed to banish those winter blues!

Spot The One Difference Competition May 18, 2018 16:24

For a chance to win your order this weekend, spot the one difference between the two pictures below & email your answer to

An order, placed each day from Friday, Saturday & Sunday will be drawn to 'WIN THE ENTIRE ORDER' with the three lucky people having their money refunded.

(The draw will take place on Monday 21st May 2018)

Good Luck! X



The Perfect Fit May 4, 2018 09:33

Here at the Kinky Knickers factory, we strive everyday to provide you with the most beautiful, comfortable & very best value for money 'British Made' lingerie.
The Perfect Fit you could say!…but did you also know that...
All of our products are 100% British  -  Designed, Sourced & Manufactured.
And when you'd like to speak to us...
It's Not A Call Centre  -  You're speaking to us, directly at the factory.
And if you purchase any one of our products...
They're NOT thrown into postal bags by exploited staff somewhere in a sprawling warehouse  -  Each garment is folded & packed with love, fresh & direct from our own factory's production floor.
And as for our product reviews...
They're 100% genuine, written by our customers & ONLY by our customers, who generously give their precious time to tell others about their experience.
It's so much more than just about making lovely knickers & lingerie, everything matters if you expect...
'The Perfect Fit'
Headen & Quarmby

Lovely To Look Back April 15, 2018 11:11

Keep moving forward, that's the future & hopefully the well trodden path to success as most of us will agree, but just sometimes it's always nice to stop, take a breath and look back.

Let's face it, fashion's all about that, trends come & go, designs that we all thought had been and gone have a habit of coming around again but one thing's for certain, style never goes out of fashion!
So this week we've been delving through the archives, which are pretty vast, since the factory's been in existence since the 30's also might be down to the fact that we never throw anything away... and we just wanted to share some little treasures we discovered along the way.

For those of you who don't know the Kinky Factory was founded by Eric Quarmby and Mary Headen, hence the official company name 'Headen & Quarmby'. By sheer coincidence the number 13 was Eric's lucky number, so it seems quite apt that it's Friday 13th today.

The picture above is of Eric & Mary, taken soon after they started the business, however what we didn't know was that Eric's father, William Quarmby, penned a couple of poetry books in the 1860's! One of which we found, (pictured below), we believe they're also kept in the British Library and incredibly still available to buy online... Isn't there anything you can't buy online these days! ;-)
Not quite Shakespeare but it made us very nostalgic all the same.
Eric & Mary could be quite the Manchester socialites back in the 40's & 50's and we'd heard stories that on one occasion a young Morecambe & Wise stayed with them as they were breaking out onto the showbiz scene during that time. Although we really didn't expect to find an old autograph book with their signatures in, belonging to Eric & Mary's daughter! There were also others in there, from Joan Regan to Billy Dainty and some we still haven't yet managed to decipher.
We'll let you know what else we uncovered sometime later in the future but for now, thank you for indulging us.

Kinky Knickers - The Third Generation November 18, 2017 16:24

It's here! ...and it's utterly gorgeous!

Our third generation ‚ÄėClassic‚Äô Kinky Knicker has been nearly a year in the making, painstakingly redesigned & engineered from the ground up, with the total & unwavering aim to produce the most sublime, sexy & comfortable knickers ever thought possible.

Starting with development of the insanely soft lace with it's four way stretch properties & stunning wrap around floral & paisley pattern, this lace is specifically designed to hug every line & contour of your body.

We then moved on to the contrasting edge lace, designing one that works in symphony with the body lace, complementing it on every level, including it's eye appeal and ensuring everything stays exactly where it should do, NO creeping up & NO rolling down! ;-)

We also wanted to improve the overall look of the finished garment once sewn, so with that in mind, we've eliminated any raw edges inside as these are now encapsulated in a super soft cover seam thread for added comfort & flusher, flatter seams.

The laces themselves have also been engineered to wash & wear for longer, retaining their critical shape & strength under even more punishing conditions.

Needless to say, the new lace properties then demanded all new & improved patterns so that we could allow for the lace to move where it wanted it to and this process took several months of wearer trials to eventually perfect.

The result?...

Probably the most comfortable & stylish knicker, you'll ever wear! We certainly hope so and all thanks to our dedicated team of miracle workers and belief in good old ' Great British Innovation'.

Oriental Blossom ‚õ© September 8, 2017 17:47

The holidays may be over & the weather may be gloomy but the mood certainly isn't here at Kinky HQ!
We're very excited about getting our Autumn wardrobes out, the factory chitter chatter this week has been all about base layers and captivating ...yet cosy, comfortable underwear.
So no better place to start than our soft knit viscose & elastaine jersey pieces, which caress the skin, providing that essential thermal barrier between your ermm... birthday suit and the ones currently hanging in your closet! ;-)
Our beautiful new 'Oriental Blossom' collection, produced in locally sourced & printed fabric, painstakingly put together for you by our fair maidens ...(and masters!) ...are match enough, whatever the weather!
Gorgeous enough to flash ...a little ...well if the desire takes you ...and bright enough to lift your mood on the worst of days, these little co-ordinating sets of style will have you well & truly covered.
And all made here in Great Britain, by us! ... just like the other fantastic inventions that Blighty came up with first which you'll probably be needing this Winter ...the television, the automatic kettle and of course, without doubt...
...the chocolate bar! ;-)

Decadent Deco September 1, 2017 16:47

Earlier this summer, Paulette our chief creative, took a brief, but well earned break down on the British Riviera in sunny Devon.

Never completely 'off duty', Paulette, always on the look out for inspiration, stumbled across a proverbial gold mine in the form of Coleton Fishacre, a 1920's National Trust property, originally built as a holiday home for the then owners of the Savoy Hotel in London.

It's beautifully preserved art deco interior acting like a lens, back to the days of the 'roaring twenties' and the whole 'upstairs / downstairs' era of family life.

Abound with bygone treasures & wonderful period clothing, Paulette had at last found her Eden but very fortunately for us, security eventually managed to prise her hands free from the balcony rail and sent her back to Kinky HQ with a mind brimming with ideas!

So... say hello to the first of many, our decadent art deco kimono which we've called 'Wild Poppy'.

They say, 'save the best till last' ...we say...'why on earth wait!'

This beautiful, vintage print, soft cotton poplin kimono, with it's generous wrap over & 3/4 length sleeves is simply adorable in every sense of the word.

A true signature heirloom piece, inspired by the love of all things splendid & decadent, 'Wild Poppy' seemed such an appropriate name for this beautiful, timeless garment.

Hand made specifically to order & presented in a gorgeous 'Ella & Me' gift box, delicately wrapped in tissue paper, with a special thank you card, a picture of the person who made it and a little note explaining how you’ve helped to secure skilled employment for future generations in the UK.

(As such please allow an extra few days for delivery)


...And In With The New! August 19, 2017 10:07

Short ...'yet hopefully sweet' ..from all of us here at the Kinky factory this week, as we bring you the first taste of our autumn '17' shades for the signature lace collection.
Today we've introduced three brand new, beautiful, exclusive & coordinating colourways to brighten up the days ahead...
...and they're available in two knicker options 'Classic' & 'Bikini' along with our two best selling cami top styles, the 'Strappy' & 'Ruched'... so the question is, which one are you?
Designed to compliment our sublime 'Gentle Touch' pieces which launched last weekend, it time to organise your Great British autumn undies? ;-)

Vintage Floral With A Gentle Touch August 13, 2017 09:27

As we inevitably edge away from summer, not that we've seen much of one here in Manchester, our thoughts here at Kinky HQ are ever more focused on the arrival of autumn and boy, have we got some stunning things lined up for you!
However right here and now, we're in that in between, transitional period, where our bright & colourful collections are still in high demand but it's time to introduce a selection of deeper, richer tones as temperatures begin to cool.
So being the busy beavers that we are, this week we'd like to introduce you to four new entries we've just added to the collection.
The first being a beautiful 'Vintage Floral' limited edition soft knit jersey strappy cami top & classic knicker.
The fabric's locally sourced & printed cotton & elastaine jersey and is so completely versatile, we'll be shocked if it doesn't become one of your firm favourites!
In a slightly heavier weight fabric, with a little more stretch thanks to the higher elastaine content, you'll find the cami more supportive than some of our other pieces, which makes it more adaptable as it can be worn as underwear, sleepwear or even outerwear with a pair of cool denim jeans or shorts to complete that timeless boho look.
Second on this week's new menu... the luxurious, beautiful, heavenly, sensual & utterly sublime, gentle touch strappy cami top & classic knicker sets,  ...and these are words our customers have used to describe this fabric!
Formerly known as 'butter soft' this British made fabric has to be worn in order to be fully appreciated.
Matched with our newly re-designed & produced contrasting edge lace in three fresh contemporary, opulent jewel inspired combinations -
Crystal Grey & Quartz  I  Dark Ruby & Moonstone  I  Malachite & Aquamarine
These pieces are truly figure flattering and a delight to wear all day, every day, we can all personally testify to that! ;-)

A Sprinkling Of 'Real Silver' Stardust (Paramount Collection) February 11, 2017 11:00

How do we even start to tell you about this magical collection, ...there's just so much to tell you but before we go into the incredible science behind these beautiful sleepwear pieces, we'd like to show you some of them...

Ella & Me Paramount Collection

Apart from their beautiful classical styling, accented with highlights of silk for the waist ties & piping detail, that's really only just the beginning!
The lightweight, yet supremely soft & durable woven matt satin fabric, performs little miracles all on it's own but before we bamboozle you with the details, we'd like you to know that this material's produced in Mansfield, Nottingham by Toray Textiles, just a stone's throw away from where our laces are produced, in one of the worlds most technically advanced fabric weaving facilities.
The uber fashionable pinstripe running though fabric isn't just for show, it's actually¬†X-Static¬ģ¬†silver fibre with¬†an additional layer of pure silver permanently bonded to it's surface which remains¬†active for the entire lifetime of the product, regardless of how often you wear &¬†wash¬†it.
The silver is anti-microbial & as such prevents harmful bacteria from proliferating, mutating or being transmitted from the product... and this even includes MRSA.
The fact that it eliminates bacteria also gives these garments unique anti-odour properties making them possibly the worlds most versatile travelling & sleeping companion and just in case that's not enough for you the fabric's 'easy care' so dries very, very quickly after washing, requiring little or no ironing at all.
So not only are you shielded from 99.9% of micro-organisms, it's also actually 'Thermo-Dynamic', the silver element acts a natural conductor, helping regulate your temperature, keeping the body cool in warm climates & warm in cool climates and to top it all, because this fabric is so supple & light, any of these pieces can be packed into the tiniest of suitcase spaces yet will still look incredible on the other side, for those first night cocktails on the balcony! ;-)
Attached below is a comprehensive FAQ sheet on this miracle material.

As with all 'Ella & Me' garments they're delivered in a beautiful tissue lined gift box and each piece is made specifically to order so please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.

So, not only will you look like a glamorous 'silver screen' idol in any of these pieces but they'll always be looking out for you whenever you need that beauty sleep.

Great British innovation when you need it ;-)
Ella & Me Paramount Collection Data Sheet

Product Review - Kinky Knickers 'Norma Jeane High Waisted Knickers' January 17, 2017 08:47

Please read the independent product review of our gorgeous Norma Jeane High Waisted Kinky Knickers written by professional lingerie expert Becky Connolly.

Quote -

..."The high cut is generously proportioned & effortlessly glides over curves of all kinds, perfect if you‚Äôre curvy ‚Äď or bumpy! ‚Äď like me."

Product Review - Ella & Me 'Lavender Grey' Soft Knit Jersey Pyjamas January 8, 2017 11:37

Please read the independent product review of our beautiful 'Ella & Me' lavender grey soft knit jersey pyjama by the amazing Becky Connolly by clicking on the link below.
Quote -

..."Obsessed with my new favourite pyjamas from Ella & Me - they're SO comfy!"

New Year, Brand New Collection... Coming Very Soon! January 7, 2017 13:21

It's the start of a brand new year and so there's no better time to launch a whole new and exciting Kinky Knickers collection.

It'll be available to buy online here at from Friday 13th January 2017 and you can read all about  by clicking on the link below -

Lacy Layers & Pretty Panties For Winters Days. December 30, 2016 09:00

As the New Year begins you can bet your bottom dollar that we're in for some pretty cold bouts of weather, even if it's been relatively mild so far, but hey! ...that doesn't mean you have to trade in your pretty Kinky's for industrial strength thermals by any stretch.
Our 'Simply Kinky Collection' is a great middle ground option, with plain panties in warm & comfy jersey fabric, complete with a decorative and feminine lace trim that will look totally at home alongside your other lacy lovelies. 
The collection was inspired by the huge success of our Liberty Print soft knit jersey range, and with a choice of three essential shades, black, white & ivory, (or nude as some like to call it), 'Simply Kinky' offers a simple solution and we love these knickers, they're just 'oh so' soft' and act like a second skin against your most delicate of areas.
 And don't forget the matching cami tops that complete the set!
 Like all of our lacy knickers, each 'Simply Kinky' piece is carefully stitched by hand here in Cottonopolis (aka Manchester) and come in the much loved Kinky Knickers vintage styled gift box ...with a little secret message inside.
 But that doesn't mean you have to give them away ...why not make them your own belated Christmas present this January?
 Lots of love and very best wishes from all the Kinky Factory team this Christmas and for the New Year. X

Kinky Knickers Aren't Just For Christmas December 21, 2016 17:07

There's hopefully no doubt that our 'Kinky Knickers' are fun & festive and as well as making an ideal gift or stocking filler, so please don't forget about our gift cards, where you can let the lucky recipient decide exactly what they'd like whilst avoiding any of those awkward moments if you're not sure about size! (Yikes)
 But of course our knickers aren't only for the holiday season, they add that extra frilly fun all year round, as an incredibly comfy part of your everyday outfit and to brighten your mood, as well your knicker drawer with our rainbow of vibrant vivid colours.
 French knickers can be one of the first styles that springs to mind for most people when thinking about lace knickers and we've carefully chosen a selection of these in two-tone shades by contrasting the lace trim along the waistline.
 In colours for all seasons, from the frosty combination of silver mist & navy, to the warmer contrast raspberry & silver mist that will see you through to our, (yet to be released), pastel shades of Spring and then on to our flaming reds & oranges of Autumn.
 Our 'Signature Lace Classic Kinky Knickers' also include some beautifully contrasting lacy delights and then there's our fun print designs in gorgeously soft stretch mesh, the Leopard print, the Union Flag print and the now iconic 'Tattoo' print which seems to sell out as soon as we replenish stocks of it.
 And there's still time to order our 'Christmas Classic Three Pack', in a wonderful combination of festive lace colours, they'll be the first panties you reach for on a cold & crispy morning ;-)
 With a brand new year bearing down upon us, it's the ideal opportunity to freshen up your knicker drawer with some new, hand made British pants, produced with love here in Manchester, ...Dress your derriere in style for 2017! X

Spot The Difference Competition December 11, 2016 17:53

For just a little fun we thought we'd hold a little spot the difference competition.

The winner will receive a free pair of our best selling signature lace classic Kinky Knickers and the competition will run until midnight tomorrow, Monday 12th December 2016.

To take part, just email us at... ...stating which picture you think is the odd one out and the thing that's different about it.

All replies will be entered into a draw on Tuesday, 13th Dec. where one lucky person will be drawn out.

The winner will be contacted on Tuesday, so they can submit their address details and preferred size.

Start Hunting & Good Luck Everyone! :-) X

Kosy Kinky To Keep You Warm On Those Winter Nights December 9, 2016 15:12

Our lacy knickers look & feel great all year round, especially so at Christmas time, but sometimes you just want something a little bit warmer to wear after a long hot & steamy bubble bath or even while you snuggle up to that hot water bottle if your partners out somewhere knocking back the mulled wine! ;-)
 So when you want something that's designed for pure unadulterated comfort, then look no further than our 'Kosy Kinky' collection, versatile enough to wear at night, even under an extra layer of nightwear if you so wish or as a cosy base layer of underwear during the day.
¬†Unlike a lot of nightwear, it's not just 'one size fits nobody', but has been specifically fitted for sizes ranging from ‚ÄėExtra Small‚Äô through to ‚ÄėLarge‚Äô so suitable for UK sizes 8 right up to 18/20, you can check our size guide or even drop us a line at¬†if you‚Äôre unsure about anything at all.
 The Kosy Kinky collection’s made in super soft and slightly peached 100% unbleached cotton so no nasty elements in there that could irritate one’s delicate skin!
¬†And of course, for use during the day, there's nothing to stop you from wearing your best ‚ÄėKinky Knickers' underneath might be cold outside, but that's no excuse to feel any less glamorous than you would at any other time of the year!
 Check out the Kosy Kinky page for our full 'Melt Your Heart' collection, and stock up on some winter warmers for day or nightwear before the coldest days of winter set in.

The Ella & Me Classic ‚ÄėSilk‚Äô Pyjama (Born 7th October 2016) October 8, 2016 10:43

How do you describe something of such exquisite beauty with so many different facets without writing pages & pages of descriptive text which would surely make many reader's eyes glaze over? 
Our 'Ella & Me' Classic Silk Pyjama presents just that dilemma.
From the beautiful silk fabric, to the timeless & elegant styling, to the flattering fit …and that's before we even start to try and tell you about how meticulously made this little treasure is.
The painstakingly slow, very careful & intricate work, which a garment of this quality demands, all takes place exclusively, here at Headen & Quarmby in Middleton, Manchester, as with everything else we make and to be completely frank it's not so much a garment but rather a work of art! heirloom piece as our designers call it.
Therefore we’ve produced a list of adjectives which the team came up with and hope these go someway to help you understand it…
Vintage, Collectable, Limited, Romantic, Elegant, Pure, Nostalgic, Beautiful, Quality, Exquisite, Indulgence, Powerful, Aspirational, Confident, Independent, Sensual & Sexy
The 'Ella & Me' Classic Silk Pyjama is made specifically to order for each customer by our incredible team of artisans and sent to you in a gorgeous, satin ribbon tied gift box, delicately wrapped in tissue, with a special thank you card from all of us and even photographs of your actual garments production taking place.
*(As such please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery)
...And we know this piece is incredibly expensive, not surprising when you take into account all the the work it involves, not to mention the cost of the fabrics & trimmings etc. ...and we’d like to thank you so much for indulging us, but if nothing else it highlights the wonderful skills our machinists have worked extremely hard to achieve and it's the very same ones that make every pair of your Kinky Knickers! :-)
We’re extremely proud of them, in awe of them actually!
Headen & Quarmby has been producing the finest, luxury & quintessentially British lingerie since 1935 and to this very day we continue to design and manufacture every garment in our own factory here in Manchester, England.

Buy British Day & Our Prize Draw October 1, 2016 09:57

As if you didn't already know!...

This Saturday (1st October 2016) has been designated as 'Buy British Day'.

It runs every year and raises awareness for British Manufacturing and the thousands of jobs & lives it supports, which you very, very kindly already contribute to, otherwise you probably wouldn't be receiving this newsletter ;-)

So, to show our gratitude from all of us here at the Kinky factory, and we hope we can speak on behalf of our lace, fabric, packaging etc. etc. suppliers, a huge, from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!

...And to show our appreciation we're going to be giving some lucky people their order free of charge each day, starting today (Friday), tomorrow, Sunday & Monday and a draw will be held on Tuesday (4th Oct.) to identify the various winners from each day.

You can also follow the hashtag #BuyBritishDay across social media channels to see more great offers from other UK producers.

The Tallinding Project (Serrekunda, Gambia) September 26, 2016 17:14

Written By Kay Sandham

(A Long Term & Loyal Kinky Knicker Customer)

Every year a group of us put together Christmas boxes for a school in The Gambia, the kids have very little but are desperate to be educated. 

When I started putting together my boxes this year I contacted David at Headen & Quarmby and Kinky Knickers have donated a fantastic 180 pair of knickers, which is absolutely fantastic as they will be suitable for the older girls who don't really get as much donated as the smaller kids.

 I've posted some photos from last year and one of the boxed knickers and I will continue to post updates on the journey of the knickers including the arrival at the school.

Once again a massive THANK YOU to Kinky Knickers and for anyone interested in learning more about the school follow this link -

Kinky Gets Curvy July 23, 2016 07:41 1 Comment

For quite some time now, our customers have been asking us to produce larger sizes, in addition to the four we already cater for and finally we've managed to address this, by introducing a small initial collection, which we've decided to call 'Kinky Plus'.

These two additional sizes, extra large (dress size 22/24) and extra, extra large (dress size 26/28), will in time, be added to other collections if they prove popular, so please take a look & spread the word that Kinky Knickers is now even more inclusive.

Whilst we hope this is great news for our customers, there's just one unfortunate, yet unavoidable point which we felt needed to be brought to your attention.

The simple truth is that larger sizes need more material, (well they do if they're going to fit properly), and try as we may, there's no way around this, so sadly the prices are slightly higher, please believe us, we've doen all we can to keep them to the bare minimum.

To give you an example of this, the cami top has been made five inches longer to allow for the additional body curvature / contours needing cover and the reason why we're explaining this, is that there's been quite a bit of negative publicity about larger sizes costing more money across different retailers.

Again, the honest truth is that they do take more fabric and like it or not, fabric, laces and trimmings cost money, yet that said, some elements of the media have suggested that smaller or more petite people don't pay less for their clothes, in an apparent attempt to argue this issue.

Effectively though they do pay less, though admittedly it's not blatantly apparent. As a factory, it's more cost effective in terms of time & material utiliszation to cut a ratio of the more popular sizes together, intermingling smaller pattern sizes (extra small & small) with larger ones (medium & large) which normally makes for very efficient use of the available fabric. As such the manufacturing cost savings achieved by doing this are shared across these more popular sizes and in our case passed onto you our customer. 

In the same way, it just isn't possible to do this with extra large sizes and above, as generally speaking the cutting ratios don't work, well at least not unless you're producing really, really huge volumes of these particular sizes.

The good news though is that at least we're now able to provide our products to our new gorgeous curvy customers and thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope we've been able to explain the pricing issue correctly and made some sense?'s very important to us that we're always responsible & fair to all of our customers.

The Competition (Friday 17th June - Monday 20th June 2016) June 19, 2016 10:07

As a little fun, we're running a competition this weekend  (Friday 17th June through until midnight on Monday 20th June 2016) for anyone placing an order on those dates.

Some lucky person (or people) have the chance to win either their entire order or a beautifully exquisite 'Ella & Me' Liberty print silk chemise, the choice is completely theirs.

All you have to do is guess how many metres of sewing thread goes into a pair of size 'medium' classic lace Kinky Knickers (and no cheating, this isn't an invitation to unpick a pair of old knickers while he's watching the Switzerland 'V' France match on Sunday night!! ;-)

As mentioned, the competition's open to anyone who places an order between Friday and until midnight on Monday. After placing your order, just email your answer to us at...

So¬†get¬†your orders in folks, you never know, it may turn out to be free!!! ūüėÉ

Product Review - Kinky Knickers - Lace Camis & Knickers June 12, 2016 10:46 1 Comment

Please take a look at our latest 'Kinky Knickers' product review by much loved & respected lingerie blogger Becky Magson -

Ella & Me - Silk Pyjama Draw. May 4, 2016 08:04

We're delighted to announce that Marcia from Yeovil in Somerset is the winner of our Bank Holiday Monday draw for the most beautiful, gorgeous, exquisite pair of 'Ella & Me' silk pyjamas.
Congratulations Marcia and a huge 'THANK YOU' to everyone for taking part. ?
...Oh and watch this space as we have plans for another amazing 'give away'.

Our Brief Review Of 'Undressed At The V&A' April 19, 2016 10:27

What great timing for the V&A to host their Undressed exhibition...
...I'm saying this since the trend to wear underwear as outer wear is one of the biggest high street trends for Spring / Summer 2016.
The show takes you on a journey back in time to around 1750, covering both ladies & mens under garments from huge frilly bloomers through to more basic base layers and  explains in great detail what drove the development & evolution of our most private attire.
Interestingly we're told how it should be worn and whether it was appropriate for any of our underwear to be shown publicly throughout the ages.
The corset exhibits are to 'die for', and it must have felt like you were when wearing some of them, the tighter the better was no doubt the order of the day as ladies competed, much as they still do to this day, for that perfect figure...ouch!
Obviously it was all worth the effort, the styling of some of these instruments of torture is just exquisite and the detail mind boggling but to understand it, a ladies reputation and social standing rested on wether you wore your corset properly!
The exhibition moves on through the decades displaying many staple items including vintage stockings, slips and of course the famous or probably more apt, infamous Y-Front underpant, enough said about that!
Also represented are the less fashion led items such as maternity wear, with a breastfeeding gown from 1820, a mastectomy bra, which is another great piece, proving that the exhibition addresses other issues and isn't all about glamour & sex.
A particular favourite garment, which made me smile was a 'Shelter Suit' from WWII which was essentially a jumpsuit that you quickly pulled over your nightclothes when the air raid signal sounded. I couldn't help but wonder if this may have been the forerunner to today's onesies?
Surprisingly the loungewear section isn't all contemporary and mainly covers 20th century lounging pieces and clothes inspired by underwear. There's an eye popping Dolce & Gabbana crinoline style dress and a 1930's black velvet pyjama jumpsuit that would look fabulous even if worn today, style never goes out of fashion as they say.
In contrast there are far less elegant exhibits devoted to the 'falling down trouser' trend which, as we all know (unfortunately) was / is all about showing off your Calvin Klein's and then on to the thong which was popularly worn under your Juicy Couture bubblegum pink tracksuit..ahem ...totally fabulous back in day some thought but compared to the other exhibits from more sophisticated eras, in hindsight I can assure you they were clearly not! ;-)
The Agent Provocateur video is a great watch, giving you a sneek peek behind the scenes and also the Carine Gilson video giving an insight as to how lace appliqué is sewn & hand trimmed on her silk nightgowns in order to create beautiful, timeless pieces.
The Undressed exhibition is like a journey through time, evoking memories or even glimpses of bygone times and then bringing in the present, i can highly recommend it and even if you're not an underwear geek like me, hopefully you'll see why it's worth making a fuss about.
Paulette Roberts
Creative Director, Headen & Quarmby (UK) Ltd.

Undressed At The V&A April 17, 2016 08:02

Paulette our Creative Director has ventured down to the V&A in London this weekend to take a look around 'Undressed' - A Brief History of Underwear.

We'll let you know more when she gets back into the office on Monday, in the meantime here's a little more information for anyone who's also interested in paying a visit -

Saturday 16 April 2016 ‚Äď Sunday 12 March 2017

Discover the evolution of underwear design from the 18th-century to the present day.

'A Brief History of Underwear' features over 200 examples of underwear for men and women, highlighting the enduring themes of innovation and luxury. From the custom made, such as a rare example of home-made ‚Äėstays‚Äô worn by a working woman in England in the 18th-century, to pieces by current designers including Stella McCartney, Rigby & Peller and Paul Smith, the exhibition explores the relationship between underwear & fashion. It covers notions of the ideal body, and the ways that cut, fit, fabric and decoration can reveal issues of gender, sex and morality.

Product Review - Ella & Me - Liberty Print Soft Jersey Sleepwear March 26, 2016 10:25

Please take a look at our 'Ella & Me' product review by well loved & respected lingerie blogger Becky Magson -

It's All In With The New... January 31, 2016 11:15

Gosh, we’ve got a lot to tell you this week, it’s just knowing where to start !
The first big news from all that's ‚ÄėKinky‚Äô, is the launch of the new Spring 2016 collection & colours, all of which are now available here online.¬†
If, like us, you’re fed up with the drab, wet weather, same old news being regurgitated and are still suffering a little from the post Christmas blues, dust off your sunglasses and get yourself a look at these bright little beauties ;-)
In stunning, Soft Rose & Oyster, Lemon & Lime, Pistachio & Tangerine, Soft Rose & Turquoise, Grapefruit & Mint and finally Azure & Coral, if these don’t lift your spirits, then i guess it’s back to the drawing board for the Kinky Team.
And it doesn’t stop there!!...
We’re really excited to be taking the wraps, (scuse the pun), off the two all new 'Ella & Me’ Liberty prints for our sleepwear collection.
Entitled 'Day Dream' & 'Paisley Dream'¬†these gorgeous designs are our encore to the first ever ‚ÄėElla & Me‚Äô collection, ‚ÄėHoneysuckle Rose'. (Pictured)
Which leads us to thank everyone for your lovely words about the original range and how much you love the fit & styling ...and just as importantly, the sheer quality.

And on that note we truly hope all our ‚ÄėClub Kinky‚Äô subscribers are waiting with arms outstretched in anticipation of their special Valentines themed packs??? It‚Äôs a surprise so we‚Äôre not going to give any clues away this time!!

Finally, to make space for ’the new’ we've added some more items to the 'Sale' collection, with some pretty incredible reductions, so if you’re just in the mood for a bargain pair of Britain’s comfiest knickers, please take a little look.

Lots of love from all the 'Kinky Team'

Celebrating Our Factory Founder, Mary Quarmby 1915 - 1998 December 16, 2015 18:13

Mary Quarmby, our much loved factory founder would have been celebrating her 100th birthday today!

Truly an inspiration to all of us working here and the influence behind our Ella & Me collection, many of our workforce still fondly remember Mary who had style & creative flair in abundance.

We hope she'd approve of the designs her factory produces today.

Happy Birthday Mary. X


And The Winners Are... December 9, 2015 12:22

We're delighted to announce that the four lucky people who were drawn in our 'Win Your Order' promotion are -
Friday - N.S. From Bristol
Saturday - T.N. From Llanon
Sunday - C.S. From Farnham
Monday - J.M. From Bedford
Congratulations & thank you to you all...the cheques are in the post!!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday November 26, 2015 15:09

Well if you're still not quite fed up enough with hearing about it by now, the 'Black Friday' sale extravaganza starts tomorrow, running through the weekend and gradually mutates into Cyber Monday before all the fun, frolicking & fighting eventually stops.

Here at Kinky Knickers we'd like to think that we're above all this palavering, but obviously not, as we've decided to put together some amazing discounts on a limited number of styles & collections.

So grab yourself, ( or a friend, or a family member, or even the lady who looks after your cat when you're on holiday! ;- ) a truly ALL British Made, wonderful bargain this weekend.

Thank you to each & everyone for all your incredible support, we wouldn't & couldn't be here with out you. X


The Kinky Christmas Tree November 26, 2015 14:39

The Kinky Christmas Tree went up in the office yesterday & we really like the way the knicker baubles have worked out. Hmmm...maybe a gifting idea for next Christmas we thinks?? ;-) X

The Lady November 21, 2015 18:02

We're really proud & excited to have placed our second advert for 'All Things Kinky' in the well loved & historical Lady Magazine.

We Do Love A Party! :-) October 23, 2015 09:59 6 Comments

Headen & Quarmby Ltd. was founded in 1935 by Mary Headen & Eric Quarmby and over the years the company has been fortunate enough to make some of the finest lingerie & sleepwear garments, for brands all over the world.
To celebrate our 80th Birthday, we've decided to select (by virtue of a draw) five individuals from our subscriber list to spend an entire day at the factory. Each lucky winner will be able to bring a friend with them and will get the opportunity to learn more about what we do here, meet the people involved and design & make their own individual pair of knickers.
It'll be like taking a crash course in 'Mary's Bottom Line' ...with a little bit of 'The Generation Game' thrown in for good measure ;-)
You'll be served lunch & refreshments by the company directors, your skills put to test by our technical team and at the end everyone will receive a goodie bag of gifts to take well as the gorgeous creations you come up with on the day.
The draw will take place on 20th May 2016, when the final date for the visit will also be announced.
It's an amazing opportunity to learn more about how the manufacturing process works from having an idea, all the way through seeing a finished garment appear and all the millions of things that happen in between.
All our existing newsletter subscribers will automatically be entered and all new subscribers right up until the 20th May 2016 will be added into the draw.
Very best wishes to everyone & good luck! X

And The Winner Is... October 23, 2015 08:57

Following the draw yesterday for our 'Back To The Future' competition, we're all really happy to announce that Nicola from Exeter was the winner.

A huge 'Thank You' to everyone who took part ( you're all winners in our eyes ) and very best wishes & congrats to Nicola. X

Back To The Future... October 20, 2015 18:54

It was Jackie's 60th Birthday at the factory last week and just take a look at the cake she got!!
Jackie's been a very important & integral part of the Kinky team from day one and been with Headen & Quarmby pretty much her entire working life, only pausing briefly to start a family, (now that's commitment!). So in recognition of her loyal service we thought we'd have a little online fun.
All you film buffs out there are probably aware that it's 'Back To the Future' day tomorrow, in terms of being the exact date the DeLorean time machine was set to go into the future. Coincidentally the time the car travelled from was exactly (to the day) a month after Jackie was born in 1955.
So here's the fun bit...All orders received over the course of the day tomorrow (21st Oct. 2015), and tomorrow only, will go into a draw and the winner will receive a £50.00 Kinky Knicker voucher, to spend on themselves or give as a present to a friend or loved one.
Good luck everyone! X

Buy British Day (Saturday 3rd October 2015) October 2, 2015 09:47

Organised by 'Best of Britannia, the second Buy British Day will be held on Saturday October 3rd 2015. We're determined to focus consumer attention on the provenance and quality of the huge range of amazing products Britain still produces. 

Ironically the stamp Made in Britain has long been seen as a badge of quality overseas but less so at home. Buy British Day has been launched to try and change all that. 

The BOB team firmly believe that the provenance of what we buy is increasingly important to the UK as well as to the international consumer. When attending BoB, the quality of each item produced is clear, whether it has been created lovingly by hand or in the oldest running factory in the world. 

Menswear blogger The Grey Fox recently wrote, “In writing about British menswear brands for some years, I’ve come to realise that there is a common thread to them all. They all have fascinating stories to tell, stories about how they started, about their craftsmen & women, their suppliers or the raw materials they use. While my main interest is menswear, the idea of using a story to sell your products is easily transferrable to any industry and product.
These are the reasons that we urge you to Buy British ‚Äď not just on Buy British Day but all year round ‚Äď the British economy and indeed the British psyche is depending upon it.

Our Customers Are The Only Reason We Have A Business! September 27, 2015 17:46

This made our Friday at Kinky thought we'd share with you :-)


Breast Cancer 'Cancer Research UK' Kinky Knicker September 24, 2015 20:13

To support the amazing work that 'Cancer Research UK' does on a day by day basis we're offering this beautiful pink 'Kinky Knicker' to you, complete with pink satin ribbon bow, (a break from the norm!!) for the entire month of October.
For each 'Breast Cancer Kinky Knicker' we sell, £2.00 will be donated to 'Cancer Research UK', so wear your Pink 'Breast Cancer' Kinky Knickers with even more pride this coming month.
Not only will you be securing UK jobs but you'll be helping to ensure that thousands of people get the valuable and much needed support & treatment that they deserve.
All our 'Club Kinky' members will be receiving one of these pieces in this months packs and we'l be also giving £2.00 from every new & existing Club subscription to Cancer Research.

Liberty Ranges September 24, 2015 20:05 1 Comment

Amazing news!!!...We're all really excited here this week as we received all the beautiful Liberty fabrics for the planned Kinky Knickers collections through to Christmas. This allows us to further develop each collection and hopefully bring you some pretty fantastic stuff!! :-) X ...Watch this space....

Wishing Lorraine a speedy recovery September 18, 2015 08:59 1 Comment

Being a close knit team here at ‚ÄėKinky HQ‚Äô it‚Äôs always a sad & sombre time when one of our colleagues falls ill and we discovered this week that Lorraine, our head of finishing & packing needs to take some time off for an operation early next week. Lorraine‚Äôs been with the company for over 15 years, we all wish her the very best & hope she makes a full & speedy recovery.

What do you want to hear about? September 4, 2015 13:42

We haven't been very good at this blogging thing.  But more and more of you are asking about life at the "Kinky" HQ and so we thought it was high time that we started to share our life with you .
If there is anything in particular that you want to hear about then let us know...
We look forward to hearing from you.

Kinky Factory With Love Project Article May 7, 2015 09:24

Headen and Quarmby the factory behind Kinky Knickers.

To say the last decade for Headen & Quarmby has been a bit of a roller coaster would be an understatement. The business has seen near unmanageable highs as well as seriously testing lows. But they are currently working hard to get Kinky Knickers and their new brand Ella & Me back into the limelight.

Lovely article on the factory today by the amazing team @WithLoveProject …thanks guys.

Club Kinky May exclusive April 22, 2015 14:16

The temperature outside is beginning to rise & here at 'Kinky HQ‚Äô we've gone all alfresco in bringing our Club Kinky members a ¬†‚ÄėMAY MADNESS' VIP giveaway to get pulses racing.
Lavender and Pepermint - Kinky Knickers
We have lots of fabulous freebies to keep you looking & smelling delicious, along with the super exclusive gift of an all new ‚ÄėKinky‚Äô colour way!!
The new Luscious Lavender & Peppermint Summer ‚ÄėKinky Knicker' to keep you cool yet still naughty underneath¬†during the long hot sizzling summer days!
For the remainder of April and all of May, we're extending this exclusive offer to all new Club Kinky subscribers, so don't delay and join our Kinky VIP Club today! X