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Every garment is hand made with love, care & passion
within our factory based in Middleton, Manchester.

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Designed with unrivalled quality & comfort in mind…

A lot more goes into all of our products than initially meets the eye.

Sure, we love to design & develop beautiful, attractive garments, that’s a given, but what you don’t see are the hours, days and sometimes even weeks, spent striving to create ‘ the perfect pattern ’ in order to achieve ‘ the perfect fit '.

As we’re all different shapes & sizes, you could argue that ‘ the perfect pattern ’ doesn’t actually exist, this won’t ever prevent us from trying though and fortunately all the hard work seems to pay off, just take a look at the reviews!

It’s the attention to detail that set’s us apart…

Due to their delicate & often difficult characteristics, many of the fabrics we work with require individual attention in ways that many factories would try to avoid.

The devil’s in the detail, as someone once said and it’s not in our nature to take the easy way out when it comes to any of our products.

Each of our styles and materials selected, are meticulously tested & trialed before being approved for production.

It’s this process that allows us to decide which items are chosen to go forward into our collections and which ones don’t eventually make the grade.

Making really great garments isn’t that easy! …but hey …if it was, maybe everyone would be doing it? ;-)