Ella Bodi …The Leak Proof Bamboo Bikini Knicker

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Ella & me Ella Bodi Bikini Knicker
We’ve been designing & manufacturing ‘period pants’ for a number of other brands for more than ten years!
It really began when, in 2013, we were approached by Carol Smiley & Annabelle Croft, to develop a knicker that would protect one’s modesty during times when running to the bathroom wasn’t an easy option, such as mid way through a sporting event etc.

…and long story short, the knicker was a smash hit, we made lots of them, so much so that Carol & Annabelle ended up selling the business to someone else who then decided to cut costs and make them in another country …which i think is called being a victim of your own success! …oh well.

Ella & me Ella Body Bikini Knicker

At this point it needs mentioning that these particular pants were based on what we refer to as a barrier knicker, which in simple terms means that they had a breathable yet waterproof gusset. Wearing your preferred monthly protection was still a requirement and the knickers would simply prevent any leaks that may occur throughout the day.

Over time and with much more awareness & research, the once ‘taboo’ subject of, god forbid, anyone discussing women’s periods was finally & thankfully banished to the past. The concept was also embraced by ladies suffering from weak pelvic floor problems due to child birth etc. and who had been looking for something to wear to the gym, whilst travelling, running, playing sport, the list is almost endless.

Since then, we’ve made so many different variations for other brands but mostly, (and to us, somewhat surprisingly), knickers with a built in absorbent gusset. These types of pants are now available everywhere, Tesco, Primark, M&S and at a host of other retailers. We totally understand the limited benefits of these and possibly even the environmental angle, although that’s still up for debate but they’re just not the most comfortable things to wear due the big lump of material in the gusset and that’s before they get wet! …so when you do have chance to get changed, do you really want to carry a heavy, soaking pair of knickers around until you get home?

For us, …the original barrier knicker concept is still the best & the most practical. They’re soft & virtually indistinguishable from a regular pair of bamboo knickers. They’re naturally anti bacterial, we’ve made them double layered for added comfort & confidence and they have a wider & broader, breathable & leak proof internal gusset.

Paired with your preferred choice of disposable protection, be that a sanitary towel or tampon, they will stop any potentially embarrassing leaks during the course of normal day wear, they’ll look great & feel great at the gym or getting dressed / undressed elsewhere and most importantly, …you definitely won’t feel like you’re wearing a nappy!

After all the technical work we’ve carried out in the last ten years, this is our own pair…   Ella Bodi Bikini Knicker

With love from the factory!



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