Product Review - Ella & Me 'Lavender Grey' Soft Knit Jersey Pyjamas January 8, 2017 11:37

Please read the independent product review of our beautiful 'Ella & Me' lavender grey soft knit jersey pyjama by the amazing Becky Connolly by clicking on the link below.
Quote -

..."Obsessed with my new favourite pyjamas from Ella & Me - they're SO comfy!"

Kosy Kinky To Keep You Warm On Those Winter Nights December 9, 2016 15:12

Our lacy knickers look & feel great all year round, especially so at Christmas time, but sometimes you just want something a little bit warmer to wear after a long hot & steamy bubble bath or even while you snuggle up to that hot water bottle if your partners out somewhere knocking back the mulled wine! ;-)
 So when you want something that's designed for pure unadulterated comfort, then look no further than our 'Kosy Kinky' collection, versatile enough to wear at night, even under an extra layer of nightwear if you so wish or as a cosy base layer of underwear during the day.
 Unlike a lot of nightwear, it's not just 'one size fits nobody', but has been specifically fitted for sizes ranging from ‘Extra Small’ through to ‘Large’ so suitable for UK sizes 8 right up to 18/20, you can check our size guide or even drop us a line at if you’re unsure about anything at all.
 The Kosy Kinky collection’s made in super soft and slightly peached 100% unbleached cotton so no nasty elements in there that could irritate one’s delicate skin!
 And of course, for use during the day, there's nothing to stop you from wearing your best ‘Kinky Knickers' underneath might be cold outside, but that's no excuse to feel any less glamorous than you would at any other time of the year!
 Check out the Kosy Kinky page for our full 'Melt Your Heart' collection, and stock up on some winter warmers for day or nightwear before the coldest days of winter set in.

The Ella & Me Classic ‘Silk’ Pyjama (Born 7th October 2016) October 8, 2016 10:43

How do you describe something of such exquisite beauty with so many different facets without writing pages & pages of descriptive text which would surely make many reader's eyes glaze over? 
Our 'Ella & Me' Classic Silk Pyjama presents just that dilemma.
From the beautiful silk fabric, to the timeless & elegant styling, to the flattering fit …and that's before we even start to try and tell you about how meticulously made this little treasure is.
The painstakingly slow, very careful & intricate work, which a garment of this quality demands, all takes place exclusively, here at Headen & Quarmby in Middleton, Manchester, as with everything else we make and to be completely frank it's not so much a garment but rather a work of art! heirloom piece as our designers call it.
Therefore we’ve produced a list of adjectives which the team came up with and hope these go someway to help you understand it…
Vintage, Collectable, Limited, Romantic, Elegant, Pure, Nostalgic, Beautiful, Quality, Exquisite, Indulgence, Powerful, Aspirational, Confident, Independent, Sensual & Sexy
The 'Ella & Me' Classic Silk Pyjama is made specifically to order for each customer by our incredible team of artisans and sent to you in a gorgeous, satin ribbon tied gift box, delicately wrapped in tissue, with a special thank you card from all of us and even photographs of your actual garments production taking place.
*(As such please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery)
...And we know this piece is incredibly expensive, not surprising when you take into account all the the work it involves, not to mention the cost of the fabrics & trimmings etc. ...and we’d like to thank you so much for indulging us, but if nothing else it highlights the wonderful skills our machinists have worked extremely hard to achieve and it's the very same ones that make every pair of your Kinky Knickers! :-)
We’re extremely proud of them, in awe of them actually!
Headen & Quarmby has been producing the finest, luxury & quintessentially British lingerie since 1935 and to this very day we continue to design and manufacture every garment in our own factory here in Manchester, England.