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We're not perfect!'s rare that we get on our soap box, especially about anything beyond the confines of the factory.
It's not that we don't have an opinion but we try to focus & concentrate on what we do best, making nice things, hopefully, really nice things and besides that, you don’t come to us for political or social judgement.
Walking around our local town these past few weeks, it's really disheartening to see the continuing build up of discarded, disposable face masks & surgical style gloves, littering our streets. Sure these items are necessary, especially right now, but where does it all go?
Well, we're not experts, but guess that 'landfill' sites receive their fair share and properly managed that may be ok? ...but over the last few weeks / months we've been hearing more & more about carelessly discarded disposable PPE being found in our rivers, beauty spots & oceans.

Long before COVID-19 came along we were all dismayed at the levels of unwanted plastics & other non-biodegradable items making their way into our surrounding environment, not to mention the devastating impact they were having on wildlife and the unnecessary suffering it caused.

We really, really want to believe that most of us are making more of an effort, recycling, separating our refuse out, looking at more sustainable & environmentally friendly materials & manufacturing processes etc. ...and we're sure many are!

We ourselves, are totally committed to using sustainable materials, reducing consumption & eradicating all the nasties however this doesn’t just happen overnight, it’s a journey which takes time & one that should never end but as someone once said, 'the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.' the right direction of course.

Over the last several months, we've been frequently asked to make disposable PPE items and declined them on every occasion! ...because we know there are amazing, reusable alternatives and when a reusable item of clothing eventually does reach the end of it's life, it has a much, much higher chance of being recycled by specialist companies, through avenues such as clothing banks & charity shops.

This planet is amazing and we all need to do more to protect it but right now we're just lurching from crisis to crisis, swapping one problem for another and so on and so forth.

 We're in no position, at least not yet, to preach, this is just a venting of frustrations... it's been a long week & probably too much heat, so time to put the old soap box & lectern away but thank you for indulging us.

There are many, many really lovely re-usable face masks available out there, not just ours, and if your only option is disposable, please, please ensure they’re discarded appropriately.


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  • The powers that be are now specifying 3 layer face masks – do your masks comply with this? Thanks

    Jane Jones on

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