Lovely To Look Back

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Keep moving forward, that's the future & hopefully the well trodden path to success as most of us will agree, but just sometimes it's always nice to stop, take a breath and look back.

Let's face it, fashion's all about that, trends come & go, designs that we all thought had been and gone have a habit of coming around again but one thing's for certain, style never goes out of fashion!
So this week we've been delving through the archives, which are pretty vast, since the factory's been in existence since the 30's also might be down to the fact that we never throw anything away... and we just wanted to share some little treasures we discovered along the way.

For those of you who don't know the Kinky Factory was founded by Eric Quarmby and Mary Headen, hence the official company name 'Headen & Quarmby'. By sheer coincidence the number 13 was Eric's lucky number, so it seems quite apt that it's Friday 13th today.

The picture above is of Eric & Mary, taken soon after they started the business, however what we didn't know was that Eric's father, William Quarmby, penned a couple of poetry books in the 1860's! One of which we found, (pictured below), we believe they're also kept in the British Library and incredibly still available to buy online... Isn't there anything you can't buy online these days! ;-)
Not quite Shakespeare but it made us very nostalgic all the same.
Eric & Mary could be quite the Manchester socialites back in the 40's & 50's and we'd heard stories that on one occasion a young Morecambe & Wise stayed with them as they were breaking out onto the showbiz scene during that time. Although we really didn't expect to find an old autograph book with their signatures in, belonging to Eric & Mary's daughter! There were also others in there, from Joan Regan to Billy Dainty and some we still haven't yet managed to decipher.
We'll let you know what else we uncovered sometime later in the future but for now, thank you for indulging us.


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