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Gosh, we’ve got a lot to tell you this week, it’s just knowing where to start !
The first big news from all that's ‘Kinky’, is the launch of the new Spring 2016 collection & colours, all of which are now available here online. 
If, like us, you’re fed up with the drab, wet weather, same old news being regurgitated and are still suffering a little from the post Christmas blues, dust off your sunglasses and get yourself a look at these bright little beauties ;-)
In stunning, Soft Rose & Oyster, Lemon & Lime, Pistachio & Tangerine, Soft Rose & Turquoise, Grapefruit & Mint and finally Azure & Coral, if these don’t lift your spirits, then i guess it’s back to the drawing board for the Kinky Team.
And it doesn’t stop there!!...
We’re really excited to be taking the wraps, (scuse the pun), off the two all new 'Ella & Me’ Liberty prints for our sleepwear collection.
Entitled 'Day Dream' & 'Paisley Dream' these gorgeous designs are our encore to the first ever ‘Ella & Me’ collection, ‘Honeysuckle Rose'. (Pictured)
Which leads us to thank everyone for your lovely words about the original range and how much you love the fit & styling ...and just as importantly, the sheer quality.

And on that note we truly hope all our ‘Club Kinky’ subscribers are waiting with arms outstretched in anticipation of their special Valentines themed packs??? It’s a surprise so we’re not going to give any clues away this time!!

Finally, to make space for ’the new’ we've added some more items to the 'Sale' collection, with some pretty incredible reductions, so if you’re just in the mood for a bargain pair of Britain’s comfiest knickers, please take a little look.

Lots of love from all the 'Kinky Team'


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