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Headen & Quarmby Ltd. was founded in 1935 by Mary Headen & Eric Quarmby and over the years the company has been fortunate enough to make some of the finest lingerie & sleepwear garments, for brands all over the world.
To celebrate our 80th Birthday, we've decided to select (by virtue of a draw) five individuals from our subscriber list to spend an entire day at the factory. Each lucky winner will be able to bring a friend with them and will get the opportunity to learn more about what we do here, meet the people involved and design & make their own individual pair of knickers.
It'll be like taking a crash course in 'Mary's Bottom Line' ...with a little bit of 'The Generation Game' thrown in for good measure ;-)
You'll be served lunch & refreshments by the company directors, your skills put to test by our technical team and at the end everyone will receive a goodie bag of gifts to take away...as well as the gorgeous creations you come up with on the day.
The draw will take place on 20th May 2016, when the final date for the visit will also be announced.
It's an amazing opportunity to learn more about how the manufacturing process works from having an idea, all the way through seeing a finished garment appear and all the millions of things that happen in between.
All our existing newsletter subscribers will automatically be entered and all new subscribers right up until the 20th May 2016 will be added into the draw.
Very best wishes to everyone & good luck! X


  • Love love love kinky knickers

    Jennie cook on

  • I received my 1st two pairs of kinky knickers for my 49th birthday. I adore them and I’m determined to build my collection. They are so comfortable and fit me perfectly, I’m wearing a large. As I say to my partner who bought for them for me, I’m built for comfort not for speed ;)

    ellen fincher on

  • Happy birthday and what an exciting prize, sounds like it will be a fabulous day ? :)

    Lesley Tucker on

  • It’s simply got to be bottoms up all round!

    Vanadis Leeson on

  • Brilliant idea
    Great competition
    Here’s to the next 80 years
    I hope I’m a winner

    Deb Marshall on

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