A Sprinkling Of 'Real Silver' Stardust (Paramount Collection)

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How do we even start to tell you about this magical collection, ...there's just so much to tell you but before we go into the incredible science behind these beautiful sleepwear pieces, we'd like to show you some of them...

Ella & Me Paramount Collection

Apart from their beautiful classical styling, accented with highlights of silk for the waist ties & piping detail, that's really only just the beginning!
The lightweight, yet supremely soft & durable woven matt satin fabric, performs little miracles all on it's own but before we bamboozle you with the details, we'd like you to know that this material's produced in Mansfield, Nottingham by Toray Textiles, just a stone's throw away from where our laces are produced, in one of the worlds most technically advanced fabric weaving facilities.
The uber fashionable pinstripe running though fabric isn't just for show, it's actually X-Static® silver fibre with an additional layer of pure silver permanently bonded to it's surface which remains active for the entire lifetime of the product, regardless of how often you wear & wash it.
The silver is anti-microbial & as such prevents harmful bacteria from proliferating, mutating or being transmitted from the product... and this even includes MRSA.
The fact that it eliminates bacteria also gives these garments unique anti-odour properties making them possibly the worlds most versatile travelling & sleeping companion and just in case that's not enough for you the fabric's 'easy care' so dries very, very quickly after washing, requiring little or no ironing at all.
So not only are you shielded from 99.9% of micro-organisms, it's also actually 'Thermo-Dynamic', the silver element acts a natural conductor, helping regulate your temperature, keeping the body cool in warm climates & warm in cool climates and to top it all, because this fabric is so supple & light, any of these pieces can be packed into the tiniest of suitcase spaces yet will still look incredible on the other side, for those first night cocktails on the balcony! ;-)
Attached below is a comprehensive FAQ sheet on this miracle material.

As with all 'Ella & Me' garments they're delivered in a beautiful tissue lined gift box and each piece is made specifically to order so please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.

So, not only will you look like a glamorous 'silver screen' idol in any of these pieces but they'll always be looking out for you whenever you need that beauty sleep.

Great British innovation when you need it ;-)
Ella & Me Paramount Collection Data Sheet


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